Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Benefits of Exercise While in Remission From Cancer

I was recently approached by David Haas with an article regarding the benefits of exercise while in Remission from Cancer and I thought it would be a great article to share with you all.  We all know that being physically active is extremely important to healthy living and this cannot be stressed enough when you are recovering from an illness or fighting dis-ease. 

As a Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer I believe that connecting the Spirit, Mind and Body is the key to true health and happiness. 

Thanks David for sharing.

All the best in Health:)


The Benefits of Fitness While in Remission From Cancer ~ by David Haas
You endured your diagnosis and then have worked your way through treatment. When the day arrives and your doctor informs you that your cancer is in remission, you can experience a wide variety of emotions. Relief and joy are two of the biggest emotions you may feel. As the dust begins to settle and you get ready for the next phase in your life, it's a good idea to make sure ongoing fitness will be part of it. Whether you're in remission from cancer or still going through treatment, a regular exercise program can help you regain energy, strength, self-confidence and vitality. These types of exercise can help you ease into a recovery stage exercise routine; this applies for people going through many different types of cancer all the way from breast cancer to mesothelioma.

Power Walking
Power walking delivers the same benefits as jogging but without the harsh impact that can lead to painful joints. Power walkers tend to move at around 4.5 miles per hour and walk with a more athletic gait than those who are simply “window shopping”. The fast movement of your body strengthens the muscles while pumping your heart more efficiently, giving yourself more of a beneficial workout.

Stationary Bicycle
On days when exercising outdoors isn't possible, a stationary bicycle can be an effective way to achieve physical conditioning. Place your bike in front of the television or a large picture window so you have something visual to focus on. This helps you prevent exercise-related boredom as your body enjoys the benefits of moving and staying active.

Water Exercise
Water exercise is a great way not to break out into a sweat while at the same time gives yourself a great cardiovascular workout and stays gentle on your joints. Swimming for 30 minutes at a time gets your heart pumping while strengthening and toning your muscles. Water can also be a very peaceful place to exercise that can help you reduce stress and take your mind off the disease.

Yoga and Pilates
Yoga and Pilates are more calm and passive forms of exercise: however, that doesn't mean they're not equally effective. As you hold yoga poses or work through a variety of Pilates movements you strengthen the core muscles of your body, which improves balance and stability. You may begin to notice that you are starting to stand taller, feel less stress and enjoy more self-confidence. Yoga and Pilates are both excellent forms of allover exercise that help you regain your energy and physical conditioning while in remission.

A physical fitness program appropriate to your level of conditioning can prove to be beneficial both physically and mentally. Aside from moving your body in a way that strengthens it, fitness is a natural mood-lifter and it builds the self-esteem, too. When someone with cancer goes into remission, the resulting relief is often followed by fatigue. While this is natural after a battle, you can regain your strength and energy by immediately beginning to incorporate fitness as a staple of your lifestyle.

~ David Haas

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