Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Acid vs Alkaline Diets

Acid vs Alkaline

Why add lemon to your water?  Acid vs Alkaline is a relative measure of acidity based on the pH scale.  However, when we look at nutritional quality of food, we actually measure the effect of the foods once they enter the body, rather than testing the food itself.  If you were to test a lemon before eating it, it would indicate a very acidic pH.  However, once in the body, this same food proves to have a very alkalinizing effects on the body. 

The food that enters our mouth gets digested leaving us with the nutritional qualities that we need to thrive.  Each food, once digested, leaves residues in the body.  Alkaline foods provide minerals that can help us to neutralize acids withing the body.  Acidic foods leave acids that need to be neutralized.  Unfortunately, the process of neutralizing these acidic foods takes minerals from within the body.  If you eat too many acidic foods, your body can run out of the minerals needed to keep you healthy.  Once your body runs our of minerals, dis-ease can set in.

So, what is the best ratio to consume of acid vs alkaline foods?  I like to recommend an 70% alkaline, 30% acidic diet to most of my athletic clients.  With that being said, diets are definitely person dependent and so it is important to look at your own lifestyle (ie exercise habits, stress levels, type of employment, and current health concerns) to figure out the best diet for you. 

Contact me if you would like to restore your body's Acid/Alkaline balance.  Together, we can help your body return to an optimal form:)

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