Thursday, 12 April 2012

Herbal Remedies to rid that Cold or Flu!

This past Saturday, my husband and I got in some great training before heading out to our neices 3rd birthday party. As you will see in an article I have being published on Fitness Republic in a couple of weeks, high intensity exercise depletes your immune system, and this was definitely the case for us. Sunday morning my husband woke with his body aching all over. Being the lovely wife I am (NOT), I completely put it off as him being a wimp and told him to suck it up, he would be ok.

Unfortunately, we soon realized this was not the case as he began to run a high temperature. After missing 2 days of work, we brought him to the doctor to find out that he had a bad ear infection and possibly pneumonia. Of course the doctor quickly prescribed antibiotics.  So what did we do? We decided to take the natural approach and break this thing without the use of pharmaceuticals. Within 12 hours, his fever had broke. He still felt achy but his appetite came back within 24 hours and within a day and a half he was feeling ready to go back to work.

Here's a look at our home cold/flu remedy kit:
Tincture (every 3-4 hours)
10 drops astragalus (boosts immune system)
5 drops propolis (immune booster, anti-bacterial)
5 drops oil of oregano (anti-bacterial)

Cold and Flu Herbal Tea (3-4 cups daily)
1 part Echinacea
1 part bayberry bark
½ part elderberry flower
½ part goldenseal
1 part red raspberry leaf
1 part peppermint
Aside from the herbal remedies and tinctures above there some definitely things to keep in mind when battling your colds/flus and respiratory infections.
·         If you are not hungry, don’t eat.  Especially if you have a fever.
·         Stay hydrated - Hot lemon water with a spoonful of raw honey does wonders
·         Take as much vitamin C as possible (Ester C packages are great!).  You’ll know it’s too much if  your bowels become loose.
·         Avoid dairy – it adds to your congestion
·         Avoid Sugar – your don’t want to feed the bacteria
·         Get as much rest as you can.  You want your body to work at fighting the bug, not fueling your energy.

If you are struggling with colds, flu’s or allergies this season, or want some advice for improving your immune systems strength, contact me at to book an appointment.   

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